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1-on-1 online individual with Beate

At the beginning of the session, we discuss what you are
currently dealing with. What challenges you are facing or what emotional
stresses you are aware of.

We will then select the respective Breathwork session and
integrate your issues into it.

After the session, we will take time together to reflect and
discuss your next steps.

Each session lasts a minimum of 90 minutes.

€ 450,00

10 weeks individual sessions online with Beate

From the pool of more than 12 possible topics, we select the
session that seems most beneficial for you at the time.

This choice is made immediately before each session in order
to integrate your current themes.

By living through these 10 journeys, you have initiated a
deep transformation. You will shape your life in a different, harmonious way.

With this commitment you show how important you are to

Each session lasts a minimum of 90 minutes.

€ 3.500,00

Group Sessions online

A group session is limited to ten people.

The topic for each week's session will be announced in
advance with an invitation - or placed in the calendar.

There is an introduction to breathwork before each session.

This means that people who have no previous experience of
breathwork can also take part.

The energy in a group session is special, as everyone can
also participate in the experiences we share afterwards.

Each session lasts about 2 hours.

€ 150,00

June 26, 2024

12:00 AM Los Angeles - PDT

3:00 PM New York - EDT

8:00 PM London - BST

9 :00 PM Berlin - CEST

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